Shaving Cream Art

I first wrote this on my personal blog, MommieVentures, on 04/15/20.

This was such a fun and cheap craft to do with your kiddos! Messy, yes, but totally worth it!

All you need is a foil pan, a canvas of any size, a plastic knife, shaving cream, and food coloring. All these supplies were purchased at our local Dollar Tree except the food coloring, which we already had on hand.

Fill your foil pan with shaving cream, add a few drops of color(s) of your choice, place the canvas side on the shaving cream & push down just a bit to make the canvas is touching the shaving cream and colors, let sit for about 10 minutes, and then use a clean utensil to lightly scrape off the extra shaving cream & let dry.

Super simple, cheap, and fun!

The kids had so much fun mixing the colors of their choice and seeing the finished product.
One thing that I really liked about this craft was that if the shaving cream touched anything else besides the canvas, it didn’t matter. There wasn’t a freak out moment whether it would ruin a shirt or if it got in their hair. The food color part was a bit testy but overall, there was no worry about this craft.

The kiddos kept wanting to do more and more so I’ve noted that we need to buy extra canvases so that they can keep creating! They wanted to play in the shaving cream after they were finished & since we didn’t want their hands to be dyed, we made 2 foil pans with just shaving cream. They had a blast!
Here they are having fun & their finished products, enjoy 🙂

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