September: NICU Awareness Month

September is a month near and dear to my motherhood journey. 14 years ago, it’s when I had my first daughter and became a mom at 17. I thought that was a HUGE part of my story. Don’t get me wrong, it still is. I just never knew what happened 12 years later would change me even more.

Two years ago, I had my soon to be 2 year old. I had seemingly easy, uneventful pregnancy except my two miscarriages. Wow, was that something I took for granted. I won’t get too much into that since this is about something BIGGER.

September is NICU Awareness Month.


If you have spent a DAY in the NICU it changes you. It becomes apart of you. Our sweet girl spent a week in the NICU. I know and have met so many others that spent a much, much longer time there. That week changed me forever. You don’t forget. You don’t forget the sights, sounds, smells. It all becomes apart of you. I don’t want to forget. It has made me appreciate life more. It makes me appreciate the little girl that started her terrible twos at 15 months, that doesn’t hear the word no, that was the exclamation point to no more kids for us (lol). She is my fighter. She saved my life coming so early. God planned every step. I am a BETTER mom because of the NICU. I am better for meeting the people I did. For organizations like Helping Hands, for nurses that held my baby when I couldn’t. It is just something I am so thankful for. It’s all something that I still process two years later. You may leave the NICU, but it never leaves you. My preemie is now trying so hard to say sentences and it’s giving me LIFE. In the NICU, you learn EVERY MILESTONE is to be cherished and celebrated. Every time I get down, I know what God has brought us through. I would love to hear your NICU story!

From this NICU mom to another, I see you..

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