September Fun In Graham, Texas

Are you like me and going week to week with plans now a days? Hoping COVID doesn’t catch up and take them all back. Well we are rocking and rolling, safely, in Graham, America. With school starting two weeks ago, I have been writing plans again and boy what a joy!

Need some new plans for September? Here is a fun idea for you to join us this weekend!

Farmer’s Market

The Graham Farmer’s Market will run through the end of the month. My girls have enjoyed this so much. It was something I felt comfortable doing as we started getting out because of the open air and just have made it a Saturday tradition now. Some of our favorite things we have found yummy sweets, bath pampering, decorated cookies, and fresh produce for our weeks.

Lakes and Parks

Come visit our area lakes and parks . So much fun to get out while it’s not blistering hot, but before it gets too cold.

Help Set A World Record

Lastly, THIS weekend we will be trying to set a WORLD RECORD down on America’s Largest town square. How cool is that? Did I not sell you? Check out what my friend, our Community Volunteer of the Year and Rotary Club President, Sarah Lundgren has to say about it.

“Duck Derby is right around the corner on Saturday, September 19th from 4:30p-7:00p on America’s Largest Downtown Square. The Rotary Club of Graham is excited to bring this free, family friendly event to our community. There will be live music from Austin Allsup and local favorites, free food, extreme balloon artists, and ducks. Lots of Ducks! We are going to be attempting to beat the Guinness World Record for the longest line of rubber ducks – 20,000! To help support our charities and teams, please purchase a $5 duck at You yourself could walk away a winner if your duck is picked! Good luck and Quack!”

This is a great fundraiser and a fun day in Graham, every time. It of course like everything looks a little different with COVID, but we will be having lots of safe fun as they are encouraging social distancing and masks for over 10.

Graham has so much to offer our friends from all over Texoma and I look forward to sharing more with you in other blog posts soon. This is just a start. Enjoy some of my friends and local families pictures. Hope to see you soon in Graham, America. 


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