School Lunches

We keep it simple, which makes school lunch cost-effective for our household.

Our second grader regularly enjoys sandwiches, leftovers, and Lunchables.

Sandwich lunch- includes fruit, cheese stick, chips, desert

  • We buy bulk as much as possible. And everything but wow butter and Frigo cheese sticks we purchase the Sam’s Club Members mark brand or United Signature brand, which includes: peanut butter, jelly, lunch meat, sliced cheese, bread, and chips. I recommend purchasing the family size or regular bag of chips and distributing that throughout the week. It is more cost-effective than buying snack bag sizes. Also, I recommend not purchasing pre-cut produce. Desert ranges from chocolate snack packs, cosmic brownies, and homemade cookies. Personal favorite cookie recipe

Leftovers- can be anything from chick-fil-a nuggets to pasta carbonara.

Lunchables- I add fruit and a vegetable to this lunch.

  • Remember, do not but precut produce and when you can buy from local farmers. Our United carries items from Morath Orchard. United will have them on sale 5 for $5. We load up every time that happens. My second grader loves to eat bell pepper slices and squash with Kenney’s original seasoning. To each their own.

Keep it simple, enjoyable, and of course, plan ahead. 

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One thought on “School Lunches

  1. I feel like he looks even more like you the older he gets. <3

    Also, I'm really glad to hear I'm on the same boat with you on the whole luncheables thing. Life is hard, not tryin' to make it harder! lol