Save vs. Splurge: Television Entertainment

We pay so much money for entertainment. SO. MUCH. MONEY. I’m talking upwards of $100 a month just to sit on our butts and watch other people do dumb stuff (lookin’ at you, reality television). But is it really necessary?

When my husband and I first moved to the Falls almost seven years ago, we didn’t get our cable/satellite set up right away, and boy were we glad. We quickly realized that we really didn’t even need it. Why had we been spending so much money on satellite t.v. every month?! Let’s break it down.

Satellite/Cable television:

Fortune magazine says that the average cable/satellite t.v. bill is $99 a month, but much more if you’re getting premium sports or HBO-like channels.


$10/month (average).


$9/month (average)

Amazon Prime:

$100/year (includes access to free shipping online); let’s round up and say $9/month.

Between the three of these, you get older movies/shows up to date through the previous season (Netflix), new shows the very day (Hulu/Amazon Prime), you can subscribe to your favorite shows, and have added bonuses like access to cheaper shopping options and free shipping (Amazon Prime). Let’s say to cover all your bases you got all three: You’d still be spending less than $30 a month. That’s A THIRD of what you’re probably currently spending on television! Add in the fact that you can go to Walmart and buy an RCA Satellite box for a one time $30 fee to get local channels, and I think our answer is clear: TV is an area we should definitely be saving!

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