Santa is REAL

This month my vivacious and curious six-year-old loaded me down with Santa questions-

Is HE REAL…Like really real?

How does he make that many toys?

How does he get into houses?

How does Santa know if I am good or bad?

How does he not set off alarms?

Is Santa a criminal for going into houses?

How does he live on the North Pole?

…I could go on forever with his questions!

I do not like to lie to my child really about anything. If he asks I tell him the truth in a way he can understand.

So my answer to his never-ending questions is that the big man in the red suit he does not technically exist, BUT really everyone is Santa Claus including me, because of the presents and joy they bring to others.

And then I asked him, “Would you like to be Santa Claus now? You could bring joy to others through gifts and good deeds.”

He excitedly said “YES!” and together we picked out two ornaments from the Salvation Army Angel Tree and tried to pick out the best gifts ever for two children in need.

Note: We also went over the importance of not sharing his “SANTA STATUS” with friends or other children.

Oaklee now wants to be everyone’s Santa and is making lists for all of his family members, and is far more aware that there are children in our community that does not always get to experience the magic of Santa.

Ultimately, it is every parent’s decision how to handle this conversation, but I hope that if you are wary of telling your child the truth behind Santa, maybe the route I took will help you.

I feel like the magic of Christmas in our house and especially for our little boy has grown. He thoroughly enjoys being Santa for others. He will still receive gifts from Santa, but now he knows that Santa is mom, dad, uncles, Poppie, or indeed anyone else.

Merry Christmas Texoma!

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