REVIEW: Not So Scary Halloween at RBNC

Now that we have a little one, we need to relearn how to see the world. We choose activities where she can have fun and we can spend little to nothing – and believe me, Wichita Falls is the place to go! There is always something going on and most of the times, you just need drinking water, sunblock and bug spray. (A strong one, please. We can address the mosquitoes in another post!)

We decided to attend the River Bend Nature Center’s Not So Scary Halloween this year. And it was a lot of fun! They have arts and crafts for all ages, many animals and passionate guides that will tell you everything you need to know about them, and of course candy, delicious food and music!

This event is a big deal in town, I felt like everybody was there!

Beware that “everybody was there” is not a figure of speech, so if you decide to give it a try, prepare yourself. The lines were super long but they go by fast and if you are a RBNC member, you can skip the line and get to the fun faster!

At two years old, Emma did not fully understand the candy part (and mommy and daddy were happy with that). But we did some crafts together, walked around, took pictures, met some friends and visited until she heard the music.

Then, it was about jumping and bouncing! She had a blast with DJ MF Maniac! The kids loved dancing around him while parents would just catch a break. We spent 45 minutes, as 8pm is our bed time. If you have only one kid, 30-45 minutes is sufficient to see and enjoy it all. I highly recommend. It was amazing!

If you decide to attend next year, my personal recommendations are:

  • Get in line before it opens, so you can get in early and walk around all stations and get as much candy as you want before it gets crowded.
  • Pretty much all the kids came in costume, and several parents got in on the fun too! A family costume would be so much fun! We’re definitely considering that for next year!
  • Bring some cash to enjoy the food.
  • Dance as nobody is looking.
  • Prepare the camera, cuteness abounds!

See you next time!

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