Review: Le Tote For The Win!

Subscriptions are everywhere now. You can have dinners, groceries, hand picked clothes, and so much more shipped to your door every month. I have tried many clothing subscriptions like Stitch Fix. Well I just tried Le Tote. This is my review:

So what is Le Tote? It’s a clothing rental service. You pay a monthly fee and they send you boxes of clothes and accessories. You can keep items if you fall in love with for a discounted price or send them all back and get a new box.

Perks I Love:

  • New clothes and accessories every week
  • Less laundry
  • I can pick what I want to rent
  • I can buy items at a discounted price

How Le Tote Works:


  1. Sign up. Monthly plans start at $69 a month.
  2. Fill out your profile. You add details like measurements, colors you like, the styles you want, and where you live so weather can be accounted for.
  3. Add items to your favorites.
  4. Wait for your box to be styled. In one to two days your box will be ready and you will be able to look at what was picked. You can also change out what you don’t like. I honestly switched out most of my first box.
  5. Get your box. I was shocked how quickly my box came. It was perfect timing for me to be able to wear an outfit from the box out for work.
  6. Send back or keep the items. If you love something you can keep it and they will charge you the discounted price. For the items, you are sending back simply place them in the postage-paid bag, no need to wash them they take care of that as well.
  7. Get your next box. Once the bag is shipped they start working on your next box. The process starts all over again.

After reading my Le Tote review, you want to try it out you can go here. Let me know what you think if you have tried it!

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