REVIEW: Free ArtZeum at The Kemp

At last month’s After Hours Artwalk, my family and I had the opportunity to check out The Kemp Center for the Arts’ free, interactive exhibit for kids, called ArtZeum.

Our takeaway? Art + Museum = Free fun for the littles.

Every year The Kemp has a unique theme for its exhibit, and this year’s display, which runs until this Sunday, August 11, is called Small Wonders: Insects and Art.

I was skeptical because Teddy’s not really into bugs, but he ended up loving it. There were various stations spread across the room – some above his head, but some just PERFECT for a 3.5-year-old.

His favorites:

  • Roll the dice: Each side of the dice had a unique bug themed activity, like “march like an ant” and “crawl like a spider”
  • Bug theatre with finger puppets
  • Dress up station with wings and a giant paper mache cricket
  • Liquid squares hopscotch (not sure what else to call it?) – he LOVED jumping on, and squishing the tiles and seeing the colorful gel move around.

My favorites:

  • The BEAUTIFUL, oversized photography prints of exotic, colorful bugs on display throughout The Kemp
  • The violin station where you could attempt your best Devil Went Down to Georgia (imitating cicada’s legs) – Spoiler: I played clarinet in High School, so this was not pretty. Lol.
  • Also the dress up station, because I love a good photo opp 😉


Photo Credit: The Arts Council


Photo Credit: The Wichita Falls Youth Symphony, via Instagram

It was fun, easy, educational, FREE, and AIR-CONDITIONED. That’s five wins in one. So if you haven’t been out to The Kemp Center for The Arts to check it out, get out there quick before it’s gone. And if you don’t make it out in time, remember that they have a MILLION cool, free programs and exhibits going on throughout the year. Just check them out on their website or Facebook page.


Check out this awesome news story from Channel 6 – they give a really great overview on what the experience is like!!


FULL DISCLOSURE: I was not paid for this post, and my opinions are my own. However, I am an unpaid, volunteer member of the Arts Council’s Board of Directors. So I do believe strongly in their mission, and do wish to spread the word on all their amazing free art education they offer our community!!

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