Review: “Cry It Out” at Backdoor Theatre

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Last night, my fellow TWK blogger Carol Dorrough and I attended the friends and family pre-opening night for the new play “Cry It Out” at the Backdoor Theatre.

In short – it got us in the feels.

To be even more clichéd – we laughed, we cried, we had a great time. The acting was so beautifully done, so real, and so relatable.


“Cry It Out” is the story of three different women who are navigating the transition to being a mom, and balancing work and life and all the emotions that come with it.

Each of the three women has a different take on going back to work after baby – one is eager to be a stay-at-home mom, one reluctantly returns to work, one returns to work eagerly.

But you know what they say about the best laid plans? Yeah, there are some surprises here. Because the truth is there’s no way to predict or anticipate how you are going to change as a person once you become a mom. And trust me, you do.

My Thoughts

Personally, none of their experiences exactly aligned with my own. But that’s kind of the point – we aren’t all archetypes, no one is exactly “a Carrie” or “a Charlotte” but something SO much more complex.

The reason this play still hit so close to home were the universal truths every mother can relate to – the complete paradigm shift of life after baby, the love, the guilt, uncertainty as to whether or not you’re doing a good job, the fugue-like state you operate in from lack of sleep, the sense of humor you have to develop to survive it all. It’s all there.

In summary, if you’re a mom, thinking about being a mom, want a glimpse into your future or a look back at your past, GO SEE THIS PLAY. It’s a total love note to moms everywhere, and the level of acting done by the amazing women (and man) in the play is exceptional and so heartfelt.

Get Your Girls Night On

Tickets are on sale online now, and the show runs March 22 – April 13 at the Backdoor Theatre. Tickets start at $15, and when you can use our promo code CRYBABY5 you’ll get $5 off your order of $30 or more.

Note: There’s even a Baby Matinee on March 30 at 2 pm so you can bring the littles and they can literally cry it out in the theatre without you worrying about disturbing anyone. Win-Win. 😉

Review #2

Like I mentioned, every mom has a different experience and perspective, so since Carol also attended with me, and she will be sharing HER review on the blog next week. Stay tuned!

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