Remember Mom

Your birthday is a special day! Cake, presents, everyone telling you how awesome you are just for making it through another year. As a child, it is something you look forward to all year long. It’s right up there with Christmas morning!

I love my kids’ birthdays probably as much as they do. I love planning their surprises and celebrations and seeing them so happy and loved. But I also love it because I’m a little bit selfish. I get to reflect on the day of their birth and what it was like for me. As special as it is for kids and all the people who love them, it’s such a special day for the mom who got them here.

I can’t be the only one who watches the clock the whole day. It’s like a countdown to the magical hour when your child was born. Every hour holds a memory that was really hard and really awesome.

Mom is probably the only person who remembers every detail about that big day. Partly because she had a new baby, and let’s be honest, partly because of the trauma. But, being a mom means you’d never dream of making that day about you. So, this year on your birthday, even though the day is all about you, take a moment to recognize your mama because the day you came into this world, she was changed forever.

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