Recipe: The Best Salad I Ever Ate.

Since I’ve been eating at home so much more, I decided it was high time I share some of my winning recipes. Winning because they are easy, tolerable for someone like me that hates to cook, and downright DELICIOUS.

So here’s number one on the list: Steak Salad.

Specifically, this recipe from Kirsten at Mission Delectable truly is the most delicious salad I have ever put in my mouth.

My only modifications:

  • Skip the steak if you’re lazy. We’ve also used leftover brisket before.
  • ….but substitute the arugula for a spring mix. Unless you REALLY like arugula, it’s going to taste mighty peppery without some other green leafies to cut it.
  • Substitute blue cheese for goat cheese, if you don’t like blue cheese. The goat cheese is AMAZING with it.
  • The dressing in the recipe is just a good go-to in general. Make a lot. Use it elsewhere.
  • Suck at photography, but share the photos anyway. 😉

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