Put Your *Talents* Where the Miracles Are

Lucky for me, two of my biggest takeaways from the 2017 Momentum Conference for Children’s Miracle Network can be summarized with these two videos:

1. Discover your “why” and let it fuel you to accomplish your “what.” Because oh boy, does your “why” matter.

2. CMN changes lives. And then those lives change other lives. Learn how you can get involved.

CMN’s current marketing campaign encourages you to Put Your Money Where The Miracles Are, which I am fully supportive of. But I challenge each of you to take it one step further. Put your talents, your passion, your “why” where the miracles are. It may not necessarily be for CMN, but find something YOU feel passionate about and GO for it. You never know whose life you might be changing.

Kristen Bell Script 1 – 15 sec from CMNHospitals on Vimeo.

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