Purging and Prizes!

I have too many things.

Too many things to think about.

Too many things on my plate.

Too much to do.

Too many physical things. Actual things.

Too much to keep up with.

Too much to clean.

And why? At this point in my adult life I fully recognize that the key to happiness is not THINGS. It’s not a cute pair of shoes, or even a punny wall plaque about coffee from Frank & Joe’s (although I do love both of those things). Actually, those things do make me happy; but happiness is fleeting. Emotions are fickle. What I want, what I crave, what I NEED, is joy. And those things can’t bring me joy. Neither does the dusting, decluttering, and disarray that all those things bring with them. They add to my stress. They add to YOUR stress. They are part of the “too many”.

“Too many” is stealing my joy. I can’t be the only one who feels this way, right? Please tell me I’m not the only mom, who, at the end of the day, feels like they didn’t connect enough with their kids. Didn’t play enough. Didn’t interact on their level enough. I was too busy just maintaining things. Too busy with our hectic schedule. Too…so many toos.

Don’t even get me started on how it makes me feel when things are chaotic, when things start piling up, always feeling like there’s a weight on my shoulder. The weight of things yet to be done. My husband and the current state of my bedroom would say otherwise, but truly, I don’t like clutter. It makes me grumpy. Just ask my kids.

Now, while I can’t step into your life and take care of the things on your mind or your busy schedule, I *CAN* help motivate you to start getting rid of some of the physical stuff that’s causing part of the problem. Last year I participated in something called 40 Bags in 40 Days. It coincided with Lent, and the general purpose is that you go through one area a day for 40 days and fill up a bag of stuff to get rid of/donate. I also recently read “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying: A Simple, Effective Way To Banish Clutter Forever” by Marie Kondo. She maps out a simple (but definitely not easy) method of getting rid of clutter: If you don’t love it, don’t keep it!

SO, in an effort to help YOU, my darling reader, and myself get rid of some our “too much”, LET’S HAVE A CHALLENGE!!! Every Sunday for the next eight weeks we are going to declutter/clean up/KonMarie a different space. Here’s the 411:

-Every Sunday, come to the TWK site and read about what we’re decluttering that week.
-TAKE A “BEFORE” PICTURE!!! This is important!
-Do yo’ thang! Declutter/go through that area! You can do it!
-Take an “after” picture! (You go girl!)
-Post on the week’s Purge Challenge that you’re participating, and post a before/after side-by-side in the comments on our Facebook page!
-WIN A PRIZE! If you participate all eight weeks, you’ll be thrown into a drawing for $25 in Cinemark gift cards! Five lucky ladies will win!

So, be on the lookout tomorrow for your first challenge! Have comments/questions? Hit me up below!

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5 thoughts on “Purging and Prizes!

  1. I hate our stuff! I am grateful we have the means to purchase stuff but then I am the one who has to manage and maintain the stuff. Not to mention know where any one item is at any time. ALL the stuff. It’s exhausting. I’ve done a LOT of purging already since we’ve moved here. I have ADHD and get distracted enough as it is. And I think I might have a mild case of anxiety as well, because thinking about everything I have to get done makes me feel like I can’t breathe. I’m on board for this challenge. If I remember!

    1. Lindsay, I feel you! I feel like it’s never ending! FYI, you can hit the “subscribe” button and get an email every time the blog is updated, that way you’ll get a reminder when we start each week!