The Purge Week 5: Kids’ Rooms

You read that title and now you probably hate me. I know, I know; going through your kids’rooms is about as fun as a root canal. They NEED that rock they found outside a year and a half ago. That stuffed animal that’s been stuffed under the bed and not missed for six months? It’s their faaaaaaavorite (what a coincidence). Take heart! We are doing this week’s purge a little differently.

Christmas is right around the corner (how did that happen?!), and if you’re anything like me, you’re already grimacing at the amount of stuff that’s about to enter your house. I might be grimacing a little harder than most due to the fact that my seven children have seven grandmothers (helloooo, presents!), but I know your teeth have to be at least a little clenched. You already have too much stuff, and at least some of that new stuff is bound to be, despite the best intentions on behalf of the gift giver, let’s face it, junk. It’ll sit in your closet for whatever amount of time you have deemed necessary to avoid guilt before getting rid of it. A small purge should be imminent, and where better to start than with our kids?

Those of you with kids old enough to help, round them up! Take a “before” picture of a toy bin/shelf/drawer/whatever. Ask your kids to help you choose a certain number of things that they no longer play with or use, as well as throw away any broken toys! Sorry kids, broken toys don’t count towards your designated number. Be sure to take an “after” picture and post it to our Facebook page! You can do as many or as few as you want, but remember, this is FOR YOU! Less stuff means less stuff to clean, keep track, and put away each day. Good luck, Texoma parents!

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