The Purge Week 4: Kitchen

I once read that you should separate your chores/to-do lists into categories to make them less burdensome.

I’m almost positive my list would look something like this:

1. Things I tell myself I’m going to do.
2. Things I’ll get halfway through before getting distracted.
3. Things I’ve come to terms with never doing.

This week I focused on the kitchen, and boy did that list come into play. Do you guys have a junk drawer? Growing up my dad had probably four, and they drove my mom crazy. He “knew” what all was in them/where each item was, or so he said. Somehow, though, once said object was placed inside, the drawer became a black hole, only to be navigated by my exasperated mother. Opening it was known to be hazardous to your health. After watching my mom go through years of this, I said NEVER! No junk drawers in MY house!

Ha! I am my father’s daughter.

We have two…OKAY…three…”junk” drawers in our kitchen. One of them is seemingly organized and maybe shouldn’t really be called a junk drawer. Since it was the easiest one to tackle, I started there. Sometimes you have to start with small things that you already know you can accomplish and work your way up.

And by “you” have to, I really mean *I* have to.


It’s not so bad right? The fact that it has little containers and trays means that’s I can already consider it halfway organized. And yes, some of those are the bottoms of cereal boxes (and I think a box of ice cream cones?); they’re free, and you can customize the size to fit your drawers! I’m sure that they would look way cuter had I painted them or covered them in pretty paper, but we hadn’t yet paid off all our debt when I made them a year ago, and I think it’s a good, humbling reminder of how far we’ve come. Also I’m lazy.


The “after” makes my heart so happy. My kids will be heartbroken when they realize how many of their barnacle covered rocks I threw away, but hey, they need SOMETHING to talk about with their therapists in twenty years.

I also decided to tackle my tupperware cabinet because I knew it wouldn’t take me long. Apparently all of my tupperware containers ran off to live with the socks my dryer eats, because I had 18 lids that had nowhere to go. EIGHTEEN! I’m pretty sure my husband has been leaving them at work. Or my kids are burying them in the backyard. Both are equally plausible.

tupperware-1 tupperware-2

What part of your kitchen will you tackle this week? Be sure to post your before and after pictures on our Facebook page to be entered in our contest! Five lucky readers will receive $25 in Cinemark gift cards!

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One thought on “The Purge Week 4: Kitchen

  1. i did the junk drawer bcus it needed to be done. my cabinets are prettt decent bcus we went thru ours a while back