Pumpkin Savings

Waiting until Oct. 30 or a few days before Halloween to buy pumpkins could help you save. Many stores sell pumpkins at deep discounts right around Halloween to decrease their inventory before the big post-Halloween price drop. You can plan on carving the pumpkins on Halloween instead of earlier in the season when the pumpkins are prone to rot.

Instead of carving your pumpkin, you could paint it. Make it an activity for the whole family to enjoy! Here are just a few of the pumpkins we painted last year for our fall carnival:

Whether its silly faces, polka dots, or pretty lettering, these pumpkins will make a great addition to your fall decor and will last for weeks!

For the ambitious chef, uncarved pumpkins can be cooked or baked in soups and pies at a later date.

Your Turn: Does your family have any money-saving pumpkin decorating traditions? Have you painted your pumpkins and care to share your ideas?

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