REVIEW: Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame

It’s a Sunday, 1 p.m., and no one has eaten yet.  There’s a slow murmur of complaints coming from the back seat of an awesomely outdated GMC Yukon, but the driver doesn’t respond.  The seemingly grumpy male companion in the passenger seat refuses to agree to pizza. More grumbles emit from the back of the vehicle, and then a whine, followed by a wail.  The children are antsy, hungry, and … they are driving me crazy. I turn from the driver seat at the stop light at Scott street, pull out my best “So help me…” line and threaten to take them all to get a haircut if they don’t straighten up immediately.  And then, like a beacon of hope, we park next to Big Blue and the sign that reads “Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame” shines like heavenly light upon my children’s darkened faces. Yes, kids. Your mommy is awesome. Yes, honey. Your wife is “da bomb.”  

Yes, readers, you should visit this insanely cool place ASAP.  

I am not a wrestling fan.  I recognize a few names here and there, but overall I do not have an affinity for wrestling.  However, just the day before, at the City Hall Cinema in Seymour TX, we showed the movie “Fighting With My Family” and we all really enjoyed it and that is what prompted me to load my crew into the car, drive an hour to Wichita Falls, and take them all to this place.  From the outside, you don’t feel the energy encased behind those doors. The building is cool, but the truth of what lies in waiting can’t be anticipated, only experienced.

As I said, I’m not a wrestling fan, but my husband is!  So I got some cool wifey points from him and wifey points always work out when the amazon packages pile up on the doorstep Monday morning!  He really enjoyed talking with the Hall Of Fame attendant and listening to all of his stories about wrestling on the road. I kept the kids from touching things.  It’s my mom duty, but there were a few things, like this belt here, that they were encouraged to pick up and get pictures with. 

There were a lot of “fashion” items which I found interesting and, even more so, that the craftsmanship up close was not at all what I expected.  A lot of these outfits look home-made and many were! I also learned that the same wrestler may wrestle for many years under different names and I thought that was pretty interesting as well, but what really got me was all the Andre the Giant memorabilia because I am a HUGE Princess Bride fan! 

I have the movie, several copies of the book, and the fan book that Carey Elwes wrote some years back and Andre the Giant is my favorite actor in that movie.  As I was waiting for my boys to finish up wrestling with the tackle dummy and playing WWE Video games, I struck up a conversation with the guy running the place about my affinity for Andre.  AND GUESS WHAT?

He knew him!  This gentleman had even wrestled with him in California many times and I got to hear a few of the funny stories of their time together.  I mentioned how I knew Andre was always in so much physical pain and the man said that yes that was true, but he also struggled with a deep loneliness that only accompanies someone who looks and lives so differently than others.  My heart broke! I literally cried a little.  

The Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame was a wild success for all who attended.  My boys: 3 years old, 13 years old, and 38 years old enjoyed it very much as did I. The Hall is packed with memorabilia in every nook and cranny, the fashion is fabulous, the photos are iconic, and the experience is worth every penny of the $3 admission fee.  It’s so good, you’ll want to buy the tshirt!



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One thought on “REVIEW: Pro-Wrestling Hall of Fame

  1. You are awesome and we love you had a great time. Thank you so much for the amazing article. Andrew was a great guy. Yes, there is so much history surrounding our great sport and business.