Principal For A Day in WFISD

I’m a couple of weeks late on sharing this, but on April 4 I had the honor of serving as a Principal for a Day at Franklin Elementary. This is part of a district-wide program that allows community leaders a day to look inside what’s really going on in our schools.

As a member of the Junior League, I’ve had the opportunity to go into schools before as a part of our PIE Partnerships with Zundy and Burgess, and mentoring program at Barwise, but it’s mostly been for after-school programs. Seeing an elementary school running full-steam during the morning was very different.

It was amazing to see Principal Angie Betts greet EVERY single student BY NAME at the car line as they walked in to the building. It was amazing to see how creative the teachers were – coming up with special quiz games, incorporating technology with the Chromebooks every student has. (That’s a BIG change from my experience in the 90s!) It was also very interesting to see how research on learning had changed the flow of the day – students worked more in small groups and in stations, rather than all faced forward as a group, silent and listening(?) to a lecture.

My single biggest take away? We have some absolutely amazing, dedicated, inspiring educators right here in Wichita Falls. But do they have the resources they need to be as successful as possible in their efforts to help students grow??

This is where PIE Partnerships come in, and are SUCH a powerful tool in helping our schools. But it’s also got me thinking about something that will no doubt be controversial as it heads our way – a school bond. We know it’s on the horizon, and I am very curious – as parents – what are your thoughts? What do YOU want to see happen for the future of education in Wichita Falls?

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