Portion it Yourself!

Grocery shopping is fourth on the list of five things Americans spend most of their money on. There’s no need to make your bills even higher by purchasing pre-portioned foods for a quick-packed lunch. Buying small bags of chips instead of one family-sized bag, or a single-portion bag of baby carrots instead of a larger one, can sometimes mean you’re paying a markup of 75%!

Why do we happily shell out money for pre-portioned foods? The answer is simple: convenience. It’s much easier to take just one serving of chips when the portion’s already been set for you. Beat the system by creating your own servings. Buy the extra-large bags of chips or baby carrots and measure out your own portions into small zippered snack bags. Now, you’ll have all the convenience you need without paying the price. Try it for a week and tell us – how much did you save?

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