Planner, Step 5: Planning Together With Friends

Planning is a tool to help you keep appointments, events, and so much more organized and all in one space. It is also, so much more than that! Planning can open up doors and friendships that may not have been there otherwise. My friends and I have planner parties once a month & these get-togethers are so good for my mental health.

  1. I am able to be with my friends. Who doesn’t love a night with friends & food!? It’s not a planner party without food!
  2. I am able to step away from my responsibilities for a few hours.
  3. I am able to enjoy doing a hobby that I love and that brings an added joy in my life.

You cannot go wrong with a planner party. If you enjoy planning (no matter what that looks like for you) then invite some friends over, have snacks, and plan! It usually turns into a vent session and\or just catching up with each other.

Picture from our latest planner party!

There is always an endless supply of laughs. It’s a way to connect with my friends, maybe not so much on a different level but in a more laid back atmosphere. There are always kiddos running around and it’s never quiet. We change whose house it’s at, sometimes. None of us plan the same. We use different planners. And some of them don’t even use a paper planner (Gasp! I know!), she uses an app to keep her plans straight. But you know what!? That’s what makes the group unique and fun! When we invite friends to join us, we always say that you don’t even have to plan to come…it’s a great excuse to just get together with friends!

Thanks to Google for this picture.

Planning is a creative outlet and can take on whatever look works best for you. Like I’ve said before, make planning work for you. Figure out what works for you. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try a different approach. Most importantly, have fun! No wrong or right way…just your way!
Just think of the Burger King slogan!

Have fun! I totally want to hear about your planning style and if you’ve had a planner party!

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One thought on “Planner, Step 5: Planning Together With Friends

  1. I use an app to plan because I ALWAYS have my phone. But I also enjoy decorating a paper planner! I just love the creativity! I also love florals so it is mostly flowers! It is so fun!!