Planner, Step 4: Making it FUN!

Now that we have all the details and formalities figured out, let’s move on to the FUN stuff!

(Please note that these extra items are not needed and not everyone likes to use them. Remember, make your planner work for you!)

I wanted to briefly touch on pre-planning. Once I know that an event or get together is happening, I need to make sure that it’s put in my planner. I don’t make the next month pretty (written in and decorated) until the end of the current month. My planner sidekick is, hands down, sticky notes! Though plans change last minute, using sticky notes helps me be able to move events around without having to use whiteout or scribble it out.


I’ve loved stickers for as long as I can remember. Does anyone remember the blank stickers book you could buy? I remember they had shiny pages and I would fill them up! No real reason and they had no purpose, but man, did I enjoy buying the stickers and filling the pages! Ahhh, the good ol’ days!

Not much as changed over the last 20+ years. I still enjoy buying and using stickers. There is something so relaxing and sentimental about buying & using them. Any sticker can be used in your planner. You can use them to block off a time frame for an event, to help a reminder stick out more or for decoration. There are so many ways you can use stickers.


Washi tape is another great accessory to use in your planner. It seems that there is a washi tape for any & every occasion. Washi can be used in your monthly view to block off an event over multiple days. You can do the same thing in the hourly layout for meetings and\or parties. Washi tape can also just be used for decoration on the border of your monthly and\or weekly view. Again, think outside of the box and use them how it works for you. No wrong or right here.


Another great accessory that I like to utilize is paper clips & bookmarks. I like to be able to turn right the current week or section without having to flip through finding the exact spot I want. It’s much easier, and faster, to have your spot readily available. If you are creative\crafty enough you can even, make your own! I am not one of those people though I have tried many times. (It’s ok. This is why I have crafty friends 😉)

I made none of these. Crafty friends are the best 🙂

The best part of this bookmark is that it just snaps in & out!











One more week of talking about planners! Hope you stick around 😊

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