Passing the Torch

I’ve sat down to type this out so many types. It’s been written in my head for days, weeks, but to actually put my fingers on the keyboard makes it real, and that makes me a little sad. Saying goodbye is always hard. I grew up in a military town and spent my entire childhood saying goodbye to friends, only to end up, even after my husband was no longer in the USMC, calling Wichita Falls home. Another military town. So many goodbyes.

But goodbyes aren’t always bad. God has perfect timing and an amazing plan, and it is resting on those facts that I say goodbye, well, “see ya later”, to all of you. TWK has been my baby for the past year and a half and I have loved watching it grow. I have become dear friends with many readers, and been encouraged by even more. You all have lived life alongside me, and boy what a ride it’s been. You’ve watched us jump from a family of five to a family of nine in just seven short months. You’ve laughed at my kids’ ridiculous antics, given dozens of “fist bumps for solidarity” as you read my motherhood struggles, and always been good for a laugh. Some of you would make excellent bloggers yourselves!

It’s as a “new” mother of seven I tell you, with peace (and a little sadness) in my heart that my time here at TWK has come to a close. The past few weeks has really solidified God’s timing as I have watched myself become less stressed and more “present” with my sweet kids. Having more time to dedicate to my family has been such a blessing already! My online motherhood journey isn’t necessarily ending, though, as I’m considering blogging just for fun so that my friends and family far and wide can keep up with us!

I hope you continue to follow Texoma With Kids as my dear friend Lauren steps in some to fill the gaps, and enjoy the guest bloggers that are to come! I know it has been, and will continue to be, a blessing to many of you. Much love, Texoma!

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