Our Mama/Son Tradition: Christmas Magic

I’ve been a member of the Junior League of Wichita Falls since 2012, so I’ve had the pleasure of helping volunteer for SIX Christmas Magic events. (Well, five since in 2015 Teddy was born just two days later, the following Monday.)

Since it’s around his birthday and they have photos with Santa, we’ve started our own little tradition. I take off work on the Friday the market first opens, work my two three-hour shifts back to back (usually 8 am – 2 pm ish), then swing my daycare/preschool and bring Teddy back with me for photos with Santa and to load him up on all the sugary snacks for sale.

I know some day he will have a better understanding of how important volunteerism is to me, but for now it makes my heart so happy just to bring him to see what we work on each year to raise money to give back to the community.

So for our third year together, we took a TON of photos per usual, but when I started to look back at years past I just couldn’t resist sharing with everyone. It’s amazing how much has changed, and amazing how we go from being a part of our parents’ traditions growing up, to creating our own NEW ones with our kids.

What are YOUR holiday traditions with your littles? Would love to hear!

2016: Teddy’s first year, just shy of his first birthday. He and Santa were NOT friends.

2017: Teddy grew wise, remembering last year’s experience and refused to go anywhere NEAR Santa, so instead we took pictures by all the fun decorations.

2018: Teddy came around and decided him and Santa were buds, so we got some precious photos for the family Christmas card!

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2 thoughts on “Our Mama/Son Tradition: Christmas Magic

  1. I love this!!! I always love seeing you two there together! what a wonderful tradition and he will def. understand how amazing his mommy is, he probably already does!