One Wreath, Five Ways

Holiday decorations are my weakness.

And I like to blame it on “being creative” and “artistic” and “don’t tread on my beautiful vision for our house!” but after completed Financial Peace University, I know it’s all really just excuses. So I’ve been almost entirely avoiding Hobby Lobby. And the home decor section of Target.

Because decorations are one thing that most definitely go in the “wants” category and not the “needs.” So in my attempt to save money this past year, I’ve developed a tradition that satiates my need to decorate for everything while not breaking the bank.
I give you, the wooden wreath. That keeps on giving.

Rather than forking over $20-50 for each season, I keep this wreath hanging on my front porch all year long. Each season I challenge myself to stay under $10 to update it so it goes with the time of year. (And of course, I keep the supplies for the following year.)

Tip: If you pay full price for ANYTHING at Hobby Lobby, you are doing it wrong. For the occasions when I just have to have something NOT on sale, I created a shortcut to the Hobby Lobby website on my phone so I can pull up their 40% off one full-price item coupon that they always have. #NeverBeWithoutACoupon

And I should note that everything you see below came from Hobby Lobby, with the exception of the fabric and ribbon on the “M” which is leftover scraps from various other projects.


I’m not sure it’s an entirely Dave Ramsey approved habit, but it makes me FEEL indulgent without actually being all that bad. I hope it gives you a little inspiration as well:

The Original: 





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