October Memories & Trick-or-Treating for UNICEF

Growing up October was a month full of fun and excitement.

I remember in elementary school, the teachers would start slowly incorporating the Halloween colors. I remember seeing some of the cut out of witches, ghosts, pumpkins bought at TG&Y and beautifully displayed in the main hall way with a message. The message was always something school related, for example, ” Come by the library for Halloween BOOO-ks!”.  I would smile and I would go right into class. I loved the arts in at my school.

  • My music teacher was one of the best, Mrs. Wilson. She would play the piano and every year, she would play a song called , ” The Ghost of John”. If anybody knows me , I still sing this song for adults and children. It gets them every time. If you ever see me out, remind me to sing it to you!
  • My reading teacher , Mrs. Theryl, would read aloud to us after lunch every day. Oh, she had some really good books! Mrs. Theryl read , “It’s Halloween” by Jack Prelutsky or, “The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid Of Anything” , by Megan Lloyd. Those two books scared me out of my wits! ( It also, introduced me to a love of reading for a life time! I credit my mama and another teacher Mrs. Jan Inman).
  • Art class was the tops! This was a rare time that we didn’t make a craft, but painted Halloween scenes for the hallways outside out door.  I loved painting pumpkins and ghosts. Everyone’s art was different. Just thinking of this, reminds me wearing an old worn out men’s shirt as a smock and the fear of getting paint on my new blue Mary jane shoes with the wooden heels. I had a great time in that class, fear and art, always inspired me.

The icing on the cake for me was the little UNICEF trick or treat boxes. The homeroom teacher handed them out every year with a complimentary,  Halloween bag and homemade popcorn balls with candy.  I never understood the importance of the little orange box and how it was magically filled when I returned it to school the following day after a night of treat or treating. In 1950 , this campaign was established to help children and their families with expenses from immunizations to clean water. I was a prek teacher when I remembered , how much I loved seeing the UNICEF trick or treat box. I remember getting ready for Halloween at school and home.  I would make sure to have my UNICEF box and would hit up the usual suspects ( teachers , neighbors and friends of our family). When it was time to trick or treat , when we had the plastic costumes and the character masks that wouldn’t last by the end of the night, my extended family helped out and collected the money. It made me proud to be apart of something.

October 24 is United Nations Day. There is a sign up for parents and teachers to participate, it is free and there way to donate, virtual giving.  The link is : https://www.unicefusa.org/trick-or-treat. Oh yea,  World Teacher’s day is October 5!  Have a great Halloween.

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