New Year, New TWK!

2017 is here!

It’s the time of year that everyone gives some serious thought to the things in their life that they’d like to give a fresh start to. And since I will be the new blog host for this next year, I wanted to share with you some ideas and inspiration I’ve had for doing something fresh on the blog.

What’s new:

  • Well, me! I’ve been a guest blogger here before, but now you’ve got me full time! A little about me: I’m a first-time, working mom of a one-year-old, and oh-so far from knowing all there is to know about parenting and family activities in Wichita Falls. Let’s discover those things together! I may not have sage advice to offer, but I am most certainly willing to share my successes, misadventures and experiences with you.

Photo credit for both: Tara Hayes Photography

  • Emphasis on our mission. I’m the marketing director over here at Texoma Community Credit Union (the sponsor of this blog), and I’d like to share more posts and ideas on how to empower you and your family to live a RICH life. (RICH = Ready, Independent, Charitable and Happy!) I recently took the Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace course offered by TCCU, and like hearing the gospel for the first time, I am so on fire to share the good news! I’m also blessed to work at a place that really wants to do right by our members. So I’ll probably be asking a few of my coworkers (and fellow moms) to share their own experiences and lessons learned in their journeys to financial peace.
  • Family Activities Calendar. This will be a shift and something I’m hoping to hear your feedback on.  I’m thinking rather than share weekly blog posts with a list of events, we will direct everything to our calendar feature. Everything we hear about will go there. And the best part? If you hear about or are hosting a family-friendly event, you can submit it through an easy submission form (coming soon) and it will appear on the calendar (once reviewed).

What else?

What do YOU want to see on the blog this year?! Please leave your ideas in the comments section – we would LOVE to hear them!

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