My Top 5 Reasons To Get A Breast Pump

Breastfeeding and pumping can have a way of making me feel a little like a cow or milk machine. I think it is helpful to have a breast pump on hand. A pump can help to increase your milk supply, return to work, relax, and even offer you freedom from doing all of those night feedings yourself.

1. FREE or almost free.

Most health insurance providers will cover the cost of a breast pump as well as supplies. If you are uninsured or underinsured, check out your options at the local WIC office.

2. Maintain and increase milk supply.

After all, it is a supply and demand process. The more you pump or latch, the more breastmilk a momma tends to produce.

3. I needed to return to work, but still want to offer liquid gold to my babe.

For many mamas, returning to work a few weeks after giving birth is a reality. I like to pump and store milk while at work so I can continue to provide my little one with breastmilk beyond my six weeks leave.

4. Give mom a chance to relax.

Breastfeeding on demand can quickly wear any mother out. Having a stash of expressed milk available allows mom to take some much needed time for herself while giving other family members the chance to feed and bond with baby.

5. Relieve pain from engorgement at the beginning of the nursing journey.

I find this happens during the first weeks of nursing. When a mother’s breasts are overly full of breastmilk, it can be painful. To find relief from the Zelda warrior princess look, I have found using a breast pump to express enough milk provides comfort from the pain.

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