My Miracle Work Home

Over this summer I was presented with an opportunity that I could not pass up. Helping kids is a huge passion of mine. If I can help improve children’s lives in our community and get paid for it? Well, sign me up!

That passion has led me to accept a new position as the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Specialist at United Regional Hospital. In a nutshell, I help promote and raise funds for services and supplies that help pediatric patients. I am excited to implement my fundraising, marketing, and social media skills at the United Regional Foundation office.

United Regional is a proud member of CMN Hospitals. The program began before Wichita General, and Bethania Regional merged and since has raised close to $13 million through a variety of special events.  Today, United Regional continues to provide needed equipment and programs for children ages 0-18 and treats nearly 20,000 patients each year.

I am on fire for the endless opportunities for our CMN at United Regional hospital! A few of my goals for the next year are:

1. Increase Awareness

In 2017 United Regional provided 19,171 pediatric visits! Through donations to CMN, your dollar makes miracles with equipment such as vein finders, Giraffe Bed, and birthing beds to name a few. Best of all- 100% of donations stay at United Regional and goes directly to benefit children in our community.

2. Increase National Partner Giving

In short, the plan is to maximize national partner support by 10% through further fostering relationships and sharing stories of local champions.

3. Workplace Giving

Launch a new local workplace giving campaign for CMN at United Regional. Workplace giving is an increasingly popular and easy way for employees to get involved in philanthropic giving by donating money on a regular basis, through automatic payroll deductions. Your company’s Children’s Miracle Network, Hospitals’ Workplace Giving campaign, will make a real, tangible difference in the lives of children and families in your community. Families who benefit from your organization’s participation could be your friends, neighbors, or even some of your employees.

So the next time you’re shopping and see this balloon on the left, donate at the register and make miracles happen at United Regional!

More Info: Donations made to Children’s Miracle Network at United Regional are used to benefit our Pediatric Unit, Special care Nursery, Trauma, Emergency Room, and any other department that could treat a child. 100% of donations stay at United Regional and goes directly to benefit children. On behalf of the Boards and staff of United Regional, we wish to express thanks to everyone who has made an impact on a child through the CMN program.

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