My Amazon Haul & Family Gift Guide

I pride myself in being a really good gift giver. I will window shop Amazon all year long for birthday and Christmas gifts and recently have become addicted to “Amazon Haul” videos on YouTube. I also watch Dollar Tree Hauls, Target Hauls, and pretty much anything with the word haul in it. This is my guilty pleasure and I LOVE IT. In honor of my love of these videos and my love of giving, I am compiling this list of awesome gifts I have given recently.

For The Hubby

Adidas Super Stars
My husband loves these classic shoes and his were looking seriously ragged so I snatched these up on Amazon on sale. He wasn’t too big a fan for the gold accents, but his jeans usually cover the tongue anyway and he was super stoked to have some new kicks.

My whole family loves this game. It’s easy to learn and easy to play. We are a table top game family and we pull this one out often to enjoy. I highly recommend!

For My Sisters-In-Law

Multi Charger
I am a functional gift giver and I love how sleek these look even when not in use.

Frixion Pens
I LOVE THESE PENS SO MUCH and I can’t find them anywhere for as cheap as I have on Amazon. I sent these to my teacher sister-in-law and she loves them too!

For My Mother

Purse Hooks
My mom got a new car and I had noticed she never could find the perfect place to put her purse. I struggle with this is my can because it feels like every available space is taken up by my kids, my kids feet, or the trash can (a car must have). So I bought these in a 2 pack and kept one for myself too. They work great.

Car Pockets
I saw these on a YouTuber’s haul one day and instantly ordered them. Mom loves them, but they only work on her side of the car for some reason. It’s a car thing, not a product thing.

For My Eldest (Teenage) Son

Marvel Encyclopedia
This I have on preorder for April. My son has had a version of this for many years and he reads it so often that it has literally fallen apart. I am excited to surprise him with this soon.

House Shoes
These are the most fun house shoes! They fit very close to the foot, but be sure to order 2 sizes up because they run small.

Lego Ship In A Bottle
Lego is just too dang expensive, but my oldest just loves them and even though he completed this one in 24 hours, it’s a bit more worth it because he leaves it out on display. Also, he thought the concept was super cool and I did too.

For My Youngest (Preschool) Son

PJ Masks Gecko Costume
Costumes are the best gift for toddlers. They love to play dress up and when Halloween rolls around, maybe you save mom and dad $30! Ben wears this costume almost weekly. He also has a Miles From Tomorrowland that he enjoys.

Build Your Own Tool Bench with Tools
This was super fun because you use the tools given to make the bench out of a tool box. Ben is 3 and loves this toy. He takes it apart and puts it back together all the time. This is one of the few toys we leave out in the open because he plays with it so often.

Criss-Cross Crash by Hot Wheels
Oh the love/hate relationship I have with Hot Wheels! This toy is load, annoying, and cumbersome to store. That being said, we all kind of like to play with it. At least for the first 30 minutes.

And here are my favorite “haul” videos on YouTube:

Amazon Designer Dupes

Kohl’s Winter to Spring Transition Haul – Because I love me some Kohl’s

Amazon Favorites by Jujeena – These face razors saved my life!

Amazon Favorites By Nastazsa – This fake plate and rug are on my “To Buy” list

Dollar Tree Hauls – I went out and immediately bought this goo slime for my boys.  Bonus! – there’s a spider in there!


I hope you enjoyed this haul and that you got some fun new gift ideas out of it!

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