Mother’s Day Giveaway!

I’m SO very excited to announce our first ever Mother’s Day Giveaway! This package, sponsored by Texoma Community Credit Union, is valued at over $200!! It includes all my favorite me-time indulgences. It’s basically Oprah’s Favorite Things, Lauren edition. 😉

Package Includes:

  • A $100 gift card to Spa Bella – Because if you’re a mom, you have more knots in your back and shoulders than you may realize.
  • Early Bird by Rodney Rothman – My favorite light-hearted, light-reading book, perfect for relaxing.
  • Dr. Teal’s lavender bath salts – One of my FAVORITE things ever. Smells fantastic, and soothes those muscles in the tub!
  • Maybelline Baby Lips balm – I’ve tried, oh, about every single lip balm on the market, and this is by far my favorite. Texture is perfect, smells good, and it has SPF 20.
  • Harney & Sons Peppermint Tea – Love the tea, it’s great for headaches and sore throats, or just because. And it doesn’t hurt that the container is so stinkin’ cute it can be re-used as a planter for herbs or succulents.
  • PaperMate Flair felt tips pens – Simply the best. ‘Nuff said. 😉
  • Composition book – Sure, I have a planner, a desk calendar, and Google calendar all set up. But it’s really one of these puppies that gets me through my busy life. I date every page I write on, and take notes for every meeting I attend. Instead of keeping random agendas and loose papers everywhere, I know exactly where to look and can flip back in time for reference. Seems silly, but since it’s lightweight and easy, it works.
  • Essie nail polishes – Two of my favorite colors are “Chinchilly” and “Merino Cool,” because they seem to work any season of the year. Then I just threw in the “Bikini So Teeny” because it was fun and Springy. And from my perspective, would be the ONLY “bikini so teeny” you would catch me in this year. ?
  • TCCU copper insulated mug – Thank you, TCCU! I know I use mine every day!
  • Glass pineapple cup – Okay, so this is completely impractical, because drinking out of glass around toddlers just seems to be asking for it, but it was too cute to resist.

All The Important Details:

  • This will go to one lucky winner, drawn at random on Friday, May 12, 2017 at noon CST.
  • The winner must be from the Wichita Falls area, and able to pick up the package at TCCU on Sheppard Access Road.

Ways to Enter:

  • Post in the comments of this post, sharing YOUR favorite me-time indulgences.
  • Comment on our Facebook post announcing the giveaway, and tag three mama friends.
  • Comment on our Instagram post announcing the giveaway, and tag three mama friends.
  • Only one entry per site mentioned above, for a total of three possible entries.
  • Kids Fest Attendees: Get a BONUS entry on Saturday, May 6 when you stop by our booth and fill out your contact info on our iPad. We’ll be there 9 am – 4 pm!

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19 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Giveaway!

  1. This gift is such a sweet thing for you do give away! Mother’s Day is SO special to me! I waited 15 years to become a Mom and it finally happened April 2015 when I adopted my niece through foster care ♡ She was barely 2 yrs old at the time and has always been in our life. My husband and I are so blessed to have this beautiful child in our lives! I’m so happy to be part of the Mommy club ♡

  2. My favorite me time indulgences…. hmmmm. Well, if I had “me time,” I suppose I would indulge in catching up on my shows, while soaking in a lavender milk bath as my hubs made me mimosas, dinner, and took care of the kids! ???

  3. My favorite me time indulgences are:

    • Actually getting to watch something other than YouTube Minecraft videos.
    • Eating dessert without having to share.
    • Grocery shopping alone (or any shopping for that matter).
    • Being able to get on FB and actually getting to read this full post without “Mom can I play on your phone?”.

  4. This would be SO great! When I get to, I love to read without interruptions, binge on Netflix, or go get a pedicure. I LOVE my kids to death but I also love mommy time every once in a while also haha ❤️

  5. My favorite mommy indulgence is putting the kids to bed and vegging on the couch watching friends!!!!! Maybe snacking on hidden chocolate!!!???

  6. My favorite indulgences include a hot bubble bath with a glass of wine, listening to music and doing photography

  7. My only me time I hAve is late at night or early morning (sometimes) to catch up on my recorded shows I have missed because of work..

  8. I think my favorite “me-time” indulgence would be crafting. I have a small vinyl business that I started a few months back. I love creating shirts and decals that make people happy. This allows me to release stress to be the best mom I can be, yet allows me to make those around me happy. It is really a win, win!

  9. My favorite me time indulgences are baths with bath bombs and reading on the couch with the front door open during a rain storm.

  10. My fave way to indulge is to get under a soft, warm blanket and put on a favorite movie that I’m sure I’ve seen a million times 🙂

  11. First off, let me just say Happy Mother’s Day to all of you out there. May you feel blessed this day by your children and the joy they bring.
    I debated about entering the contest, because there would be a lot in the basket I just wouldn’t use. (Although those items, my girls would probably have a heyday with.) I’ve recently decided to throw my feelings out there in case there are others who just need to know that they aren’t the only ones who feel this way.
    I used to think that indulging myself would be relaxing in a bubble bath with a good book and candlelight. But I never do that. And a soothing tea? Really? I head straight for the coffee (and Dr. Pepper) to get me through my day. I do enjoy a good book, but those are moments throughout the day when I take a bathroom break.
    I do relate a lot to Ashley Tucker’s choices. And, like Kayla, I LOVE a good rain storm and find them very cleansing for the soul, but my porch leaks, and leaving the front door open lets everything in. Added stress, ugh.
    Ah, a massage. Now that might be nice. But, we all know those homemade coupon book massages never actually get used. An actual gift certificate would be great.
    If I really assessed what I can spend hours doing and think nothing of it, that would be playing Star Wars on my phone and researching cool ideas for homeschooling, or just trolling through Facebook. But, I noticed that playing for hours on a tiny little screen was ruining my eyesight and wasting time that I could actually spend being productive. And, researching does nothing to help my children, if I don’t actually start and work with them (not just for them). And, I have recently been reminded that actually meeting up with my friends and participating with them is a whole lot better than seeing all their cool activities and wishing I was doing some of that.
    Get out there. Make memories. We chose to be a mom for a reason. There’s plenty of time to have me-time when they have grown. I’m not saying it’s not important to rejuvenate, but if like me, don’t be so selfish that they are not getting their mom-time.