Money Hacks: Scan Grocery Receipts for Cash Back

Apps like Ibotta and Checkout 51 will give you cash rebates on your groceries – all you have to do is scan your receipt. For just a minute of your time, you can earn a little bit back, potentially putting hundreds of dollars back in your wallet this year!


The ones I use:

Walmart Savings Catcher

I’ve been using Walmart Savings Catcher for a while, and it’s already starting to stack up. All I do is scan my receipts in the app, and if they find a store offering a lower price on something you bought, they pay you the difference back in gift cards to use in the store.


This is a dangerous one for me, because it sometimes gets me into the gaming mentality of shopping JUST to get the discount. BUT, if you only use it for things you were already planning to buy, it’s a great tool.

The Chrome plugin triggers a pop-up every time you are on a website that has a cash back offer, and the savings stack up here too. Plus, they run specials where cash back bumps up to as much as 20% of your purchases.

I’ve had my account since April 2017 and I’ve already earned $247.66 in cash, sent straight to my PayPal. (PS – You also get $25 for referring friends, so here’s my link for that.)


I don’t use this one a lot, but I like it because you can literally register and do NOTHING after to earn money back. I haven’t touched it since I first registered in January and I’ve already earned $11.20.

All you do is set up a specific debit or credit card on your account, then whenever you use that same card at a retailer offering cash back, it automatically credits your account. No need to submit or anything, I just get awesome little surprise emails like this one below. (You also get a refer-a-friend bonus of $5 so here’s my link.)

Here’s another look at the Dosh app. I also love that you can DONATE your cash back to a charity you support:

Free Kasasa Cash Back Checking

Plus of course, I have to mention that my employer, Texoma Community Credit Union, offers their free Kasasa Cash Back checking account, where you earn 3% cash back on your purchases when you swipe as credit, up to $12 a month, which I pretty much ALWAYS get because lord knows I swipe my card enough, lol. (Details + requirements on getting those rewards are here. And once again, TCCU also offers a refer-a-friend bonus of $50 Amazon gift cards for both you and a friend through Share Kasasa.)

Your Turn: What’s your favorite way to get cash back on your purchases? Share it with us in the comments!

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