Mom Superstitions

I didn’t really think I was a superstitious person, but I’ve done two things recently that have made me question my own sanity.

1. The Oops Baby Jinx

Granted, we’ve given away, donated or sold quite a few of Teddy’s baby supplies, but there are still, oh, about EIGHT plastic storage bins of baby junk in our attic right now, because I just keep thinking that as soon as we get rid of it all, THAT’S when an “oops” baby #2 will happen and we’ll have to re-buy everything.

Just me?

2. The Potty Training Regression Jinx

Teddy is F-I-N-A-L-L-Y and officially, 100% potty-trained at the ripe old age of three years and four months old. (Remind me to re-hash that sordid adventure another time.) For almost a month now he’s not had any accidents – day or night, #1 or #2 (lol) – and yet, I cannot bring myself to get rid of the entire box of pull-ups in his closet.

Maybe it’s because my parents were raised by parents who survived the Great Depression, and some of those same hoarding tendencies were passed down to me. Maybe it’s the natural thinning and tightening of the budget that occurs when you become a parent. (Side Note: Ironic how the exact opposite happens to your body when you become a parent. Lol.) But I refuse to get rid of those pull-ups. That’s tens of dollars just sitting in there!! And you just know as soon as I do, the kid will decide, Billy Madison-style, that you ain’t cool unless you peed your pants.

Am I crazy? Do YOU have any mom superstitions? Seriously, I’d like to know. Share in the comments??

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