Mom Life: That Moment When…

That Moment When… You Think You Are Having a Special Parenting Moment But Really Are Traumatizing Your Child

Teddy has favorite shoes. Favorite shoes that since Saturday, having been sitting on our back patio because he stepped in dog poop over the weekend and I haven’t had the mental energy to deal with it. So naturally, when we were getting ready this morning he was whining about wanting to wear them, and we kept explaining they were covered in poop.

Fast forward to time to leave the house, and I could hear the garbage truck circling our cul-de-sac. Teddy LOVES trucks, garbage trucks, fire trucks, etc, etc. total three-year-old boy. So my husband and I rushed him out to the driveway so he could watch. We waved to our friendly neighborhood city employee, he waved back, we watched the electronic arm grab the trash can and lift it, and he even honked as he drove on to the next house. I thought we were having a really special little moment.

Then I look down, and Teddy is SOBBING. AL-LI-GA-TOR TEARS.

I finally get out of him real words, and he is crying, “my black shoes my black shoesssss!!!”

And then we realize it.

We told him his shoes had poop on them. And we all know where poopie diapers go.

The poor kid thought we were making him watch the euthanization of his favorite shoes as some sort of horrible punishment. And he was inconsolable.

Feeling terrible, but also holding back the giggles, my hubby and I walked him to the backyard so he could see his shoes were still okay.

Wonder how long THAT will be etched on his memory. I guess we’ll find out on the next trash day.

That Moment When… Strangers Appreciate The Little Weirdo You Are Raising

One of Teddy’s favorite toys is this super creepy tiny plastic hand my lovely husband bought at Terra Toys last time we were visiting the in-laws in Austin. I hate it, which of course means both of them love it. At one point, the Tiny Hand was temporarily misplaced, and my mother-in-law priority-mailed 4 more from Austin, so that we now have five such regrettable and slightly-disturbing objects in our home.

On Saturday Tiny Hand, The Original, went with us to Target.

And we were perusing the aisles per usual, and sure enough Teddy was hamming it up and being loud, and then waiving at everyone he encountered with Tiny Hand. One middle-aged lady in particular noticed.

Upon first glance, she just saw him waiving and a look of “aw, cute kid being sweet” came over face. Then, she noticed Tiny Hand, and her expression immediately changed to amusement and a little chuckle.

It was the best thing ever, and totally worth every freakish time my husband has snuck up behind me and placed Tiny Hand on my shoulder to get my attention, or used it to brush the hair off my face.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

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