Millenial Mom LifeHacks

I’m a little (read: a LOT) new, and later to the game than some to this whole parenting thing. The last time I was around a baby for more than, say 45 consecutive minutes at a time, was when I was seven and my youngest sister was born. She’s now 25, so I’ll let you do the math.

Yes, it’s that bad.

The good news is, a lot has changed since the early 90s, and technology is my friend! Here are my techie/millennial mom lifehacks:

Chatbooks – I know I already wrote about this, but it’s a good one. Once you set up your account, it automatically send your Instagram photos to a photo album online, and every time you reach 60 photos, a new photo book will automatically be created and shipped to you for only $8. For when your hard drive crashes and you need back up. Or your phone is dead and even though you count down the minutes until bedtime, you still want to stare at photos of your child after he goes to sleep. No, I’ve never done that.]

Starbucks App – It’s a total budget killer, because it turns caffeinating into a points-based game and we all want to WIN, but you can check out and pay with just your phone, and at least you know when it’s BOGO day. And you get a free drink on your birthday. And ya know, CAFFEINE.

Walmart Grocery Pickup – I’ve tried it out three times now at the Walmart on Greenbriar, and it’s worked out great. I have to say, the best part (besides not getting your kid out of their car seat and having them grab everything from every shelf the whole time) is that you have until around 1 am the night before to add stuff you forgot to your cart. From your phone. In bed at 11 pm when you actually remember. And both you and your significant other can both log in and add to the cart.

Petco Recurring DeliverySo you don’t neglect your other children, even though they’re basically living off high-chair droppings anyway. If you’re like me, the pet store is just an extra stop on the unending list of errands, and it’s one place where I need literally one thing and nothing else. There’s no multitasking to be had, so it’s a huge pain. And I have to go to Petco and only Petco because they are the only ones that carry the special Merrick dog food that doesn’t make my dog have an allergic seizure (apparently this is a real thing) every time he eats. But with their recurring delivery, I get a discount on their monthly supply of premium kibble, and it’s delivered to my door for free. Ahm. Mazing.

Amazon Prime – I feel like pretty much everyone is already using this, or at least knows about it. It came in most handy when Teddy was a newborn and I was hell-bent on never leaving the house, or getting out of pajamas. What I WILL say is that:

  1. Amazon Prime has developed some of their own kids programming that’s kinda cool.
  2. They have EXCELLENT customer service when it comes to damaged or incorrect orders. They even replaced for free a barbecue grill that we ordered and was stolen off our porch a few years ago. It was impressive.
  3. and have each really stepped up their game to compete with Amazon Prime, so you can find comparable fast, free shipping and great prices on either of those sites without paying the subscription fee like you do with Amazon.

Question: What are your mom-friendly life hacks? They don’t have to be related to technology, just anything that makes your life easier as a mom, we definitely want to know! Share in the comments!

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