Meditation Apps For When You Just Need A Minute Away

In the frenetic world of 2020, if you aren’t checking your emails, liking your friend’s Instagram posts and planning your summer vacation while eating dinner, you’re guilting yourself into wondering why you’re wasting time. With loads of high-tech devices that make layering tasks almost effortless, mindfulness is a lost art — almost.

In the middle of all the pressure to do, do, do, there’s a movement to reclaim the calm, the peace and the mindfulness that was once ours. And, of course, there’s an app for that! These three popular meditation apps can help you learn how to master the art of meditation, be more relaxed, sleep better and tackle each part of your day with total mindfulness.


With more than 50 million downloads and 700,000 5-star reviews, Calm is one of most popular meditation apps on the market. Proud to hold the title of Google Play Editor’s Choice of 2018, Calm’s simple approach makes it a favorite among users around the world.

The app offers instructional guides for meditation, sleep stories and tips for a truly restful night’s sleep, exclusive music to help you relax and audio programs teaching users how to engage in complete mindfulness. The app also features Calm Kids, a section designed with kids aged 3-17 in mind.

You can try the app at no cost for a week and then pay the annual subscription price of $69.99, or choose to spend $399.99 upfront for lifetime access.


  • The introductory weeklong course is comprehensive, engaging and completely free.
  • “Daily Calm,” the 10-minute mindfulness session, is short enough to squeeze into an overcrowded schedule, but long enough to leave you feeling relaxed.
  • Users can customize the timelines of their goals.
  • Provides insightful guidance for overcoming difficulties when learning meditation.
  • The design of the app is very calming, with soothing visuals and sounds.


  • Free version of the app is very limited.
  • Some users find the app’s constant verbal guidance to be intrusive and annoying.

Headspace is the “dinosaur” in the market of meditation apps, but its high ratings across 300,000 reviews in the App Store place it way up there with newer apps of its kind.

You can try the app at no cost for two weeks, and then you’ll automatically be enrolled in an annual subscription at $69.99 a year. A monthly subscription of $12.99 will give you a week’s free trial. You can always cancel your subscription after trying out the app. The paid version unlocks many features, including mini meditations, sleep training and in-depth coverage and instructional guides on themes, like stress reduction and gaining confidence.


  • Attractive interface and easy to use.
  • Animations are fun and engaging.
  • Daily meditations are tracked so you can see your progress.


  • Free version is limited to 10 short sessions.
  • App requires high levels of self-discipline for success.

This app’s name tells it like it is: an app designed to train you in mindfulness. From improving the quality of your sleep to learning to understand your emotions, there’s a module for everyone on The Mindfulness App. It’s free for the first week, but the paid version, at $69.99 a month, gives you access to courses on relationships, focus and calmness, along with more than 250 guided meditations.


  • Timed sessions allow users to squeeze in a meditation even when they can only spare a few minutes. These sessions are also customizable and can be silent or guided.
  • Allows users to track the progress of their meditation journeys.


  • App is designed for beginners, and will not provide in-depth tutorials on advanced meditation like other apps.

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