Maybe it’s Time We Get Back to The Basics of Love, Valentine.

Y’all, I try to be that over the top mom. I love holidays. Having a toddler within the four girls keeps me super busy and let’s be honest, crazy. They say three children changes things…I think it’s four. Especially at the toddler stage!

Well, I failed at our usual tradition of doing the cute hearts on everyone’s doors telling them a reason why I love them each day until Valentine’s Day. To be honest, no one has mentioned it so I don’t feel so bad. I did get their usual gifts for that morning.

As I was telling a mom what the plans were for the class party it dawned on me. The little traditions do stick. My “special” valentines sandwiches! It was already built in the plan and it’s all good. Get some bread, cream cheese spread, strawberry jam and cut it in a heart with a cookie cutter. Boom! Instant celebration. I was telling her my big girls use to love them for their class parties. My 3 year old probably won’t so I’ll make a batch of regular PB & J too. Crazy to me to be starting all these littles class parties again with two in Junior High, but how fun and blessed I am.

First time class party moms point is simple can be special too. Don’t try so hard, if you love them everyday, that’s what really matters after all. Is it Spring Break yet?

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