May Holidays

Here are some great Fun and unique May holidays.

May the 4th be with you

Enjoy Star wars day with these great crafts (pool noodles can be found at The Dollar Tree) You can also print out this great educational pack from Royalbaloo

death star pinata  Star Wars paper  Pool-Noodle-Light-Sabers-  avatar_thumb

Click on the pictures for tutorials and educational pack

Click here, 16 great free Star Wars Apps

Free Lego Star Wars games and short videos. Click here.

May 10th National Clean up your room day!!

A great day to give yourself the day of and get the kids moving in to tidying up!

How-I-get-my-kids-to-clean-their-room.-One-moms-battle-to-get-her-kids-to-keep-their-room-clean-and-the-8-strategies-that-have-worked-for-her.-614x1024   6-Cool-Cleaning-Games-for-Kids-Sponsored-by-BISSELL-CleanView-at-B-InspiredMama

Click on the pictures to get some great ideas!

May 11th National Train Day

This day is the perfect day to go and visit the Wichita Falls Train Museum

buldpassengercar  Recycletrain  shapetrain  Early-Learning-Train-Pack

Click on the pictures for tutorials and educational pack

May 26th Sally Ride Day

Sally Ride Day honors the first American woman to go into space. Dr. Ride accomplished this feat as a mission specialist aboard STS-7, the second flight of the Space Shuttle “Challenger”. STS-7 was launched from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, on June 18, 1983.


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