Madagascar: Family Night In

Wow guys, it’s been a minute since I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and write. I’ve missed it; but quarantine with three kids at home and two parents working full-time in the house. Well, you all know. A lot of “don’t climb that bookcase”, “did you seriously just trap the baby in there?!”, and the literal meaning of the expression “burning the midnight oil”.

Somewhere along the way things returned to normal-ish. Our two foster kids were moved to a wonderful family member and we took a little break to spend some time with our Princess.

We were just about to open our home back up for new placements- and boom- we are back in quarantine due to direct Covid exposure. Thankfully, no signs or symptoms here, just boredom!

So, I’ve been thinking of ways to have “Family Night In” and break up the monotony of staring at the same walls all day. I’m super excited about the family night I planned for this weekend and wanted to share it with you!

MADAGASCAR MOVIE NIGHT IN: Craft, Snacks, and Streaming!

CRAFT: Drawing Characters from the Movie

This YouTube tutorial is great! It shows you step by step how to draw characters from the movie. Watch the video together and have each child pick which character they would like to create. You may need to pause after each step to allow your child to catch up.

Preschool adjustment: Once your preschooler has selected the character of their choice, have them watch you draw it. Have crayons or colored pencils ready for them to color their character and bring it to life.

SNACK TIME: Because every good movie night needs snacks!

  • Tiger Tails: Cheetos! Regular, Puffs, Baked- something for everyone!
  • King Julien’s “Piney”: Pineapple Slices

And for the guilty pleasure:

  • Zebra Cake: Check out this cute recipe I found on Pinterest to make an Ice Cream sandwich cake. Cheap, easy, no bake, and looks just like Zebra stripes when you cut into it!

For mom’s who want to keep it low key, grab a box of the famous Little Debbie’s and call it a day. We should all have a license to give ourselves a break when needed.

STREAMING: Here is a list of Madagascar themed streaming options!

  • Netflix

Madagascar 2: Escape from Africa

All Hail King Julien

All Hail King Julien: Exiled

Madagascar Holiday Classics

Happy Holidays from Madagascar

  • Hulu

Penguins of Madagascar

  • iTunes and Prime Video (Available to rent on both for $3.99)


Madagascar 2: Escape from Africa

Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Penguins of Madagascar

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