A Mad Dash Through Having Nothing To Do

Ever heard for Newspaper Blackout Poetry?

It was invented (for lack of a better word) by a fellow Texan, Austin Kleon, who shares his poetry by taking newspapers and blacking out words until only his art is left. You can check out more of his poems on his website here.

I’ve been a fan for several years now, ever since I caught him on an episode of Texas Country Reporter. But this was the first time I saw this particular piece, and it pulled at my heart strings a little too much not to share. Amazing how much more precious a thing childhood seems when you are the one hosting it (for lack of a better word) for a little creature of your own. As a parent, you become guardians and protectors of Childhood. With a capital C. It’s an acute transition. Your child is born, and from that moment on, you hold that Childhood in the palm of your hands, fending off the outside world so the innocence and wonder of it can take root, before the real world seeps in.

My other favorites:

“Overheard on the Titanic”

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