Living that Bad Mom Life

Here’s my summer so far. I know you’re all SUPER jealous…

Screen Time. Lots of Evil Screen Time.

Toy Story.

It’s replaced Ryan’s Toy Review as Teddy’s latest obsession, and so my mother in law decided to Amazon Prime him a Woody doll. It arrived about three days ago and they’ve been inseparable ever since. Although when we Face-Timed her to watch the unboxing, Teddy double checked the box repeating “Bus LAT-yerrr” enough that she couldn’t resist and ordered him immediately. So, in about a day or two when Buzz arrives and Woody becomes old news, we will quite literally be living the exact plot of the first movie.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Have you heard of this Amazon Prime original show? I resisted it for a while because it looked a little gimmicky, but Monday night I gave in. By Tuesday around midnight, I’d finished all eight hour-long episodes. (Segue to an aside about my addictive personality….)

I should have known I was in BIG trouble when I saw the credits at the end of the first episode. Amy Sherman-Palladino is the co-creator and Executive Producer. You know, the woman behind my other teenage drug of choice, Gilmore Girls.

So yes, according to my FitBit I’ve slept less than 5 hours the past two nights, but #WorthIt. (Can’t wait for Season 2 to come out!)

Cable Recutting.

I have a love/hate relationship with Directv. It’s a good service… for exactly one year of your two-year commitment. Then all the newcomer discounts expire and you get a monthly bill for $160 instead of $80 and realize you are doing something WRONG with your life. The only one watching ANYTHING on cable is Teddy. And is it really worth $160 a month to rewatch the same 7 episodes of PJ Masks and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse every morning? Nope.

So we’re cutting the cord…. again. We went without cable/satellite from about 2015 – 2017 and honestly didn’t miss it. The only reason we got it again was so we didn’t have to watch the same PBS shows ad nauseam. But if the result of HAVING satellite is just watch other, different programs ad nauseam, it’s so not worth it.

Only thing I’ll miss? HBO shows West World and Game of Thrones, and the occasional My 600 Pound Life.

Non-TV-Related Things:

Slacking off in the hygiene department.

Question for the group: Exactly how often are you bathing your children and how strict are you with the tooth-brushing?

I’ve long suspected our preschool is performing some sort of latent CPS check by stamping our kid’s hand every so often with BLACK INK and/or giving him a sticker. Because naturally, there’s the walk of shame when you drop him off the next morning with the stamp in tact (which quite frankly, takes multiple washes to disappear) and even worse, the same sticker on his hand as the day before. Yes, I am that parent. But I’ve decided it’s summer, and that’s a legitimate enough excuse. Amiright?

Stepping up my caffeine game.

The hubs and I have thought a lot about what we wanted to get each other for our 10 year wedding anniversary (June 22!!) and finally landed on an espresso machine. We considered some really nice, expensive ones before deciding to get a more reasonably-priced (and easier to use) Nespresso and then using the rest of the money to build this coffee station.

It’s seriously the best thing ever. Our kitchen is kind of small, with about…. 6 or 7 total feet of counter space? Well, this new thing added EIGHT FEET of counter space, and with just precut wood, wood stain and metal pipes from various home improvement stores (we price-comparison shopped of course), we were able to make a HUGE piece of furniture for only about $300 and two weekends worth of work (mostly done by the hubs, I’m not gonna lie).


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