Living In Your Strengths

Live in your strengths…

I have recently changed jobs. It sounds very exciting (and it is!) but also very scary. I am not very fond of being stuck in comfort zones. I am always looking for the next thing, the next project, the next deadline, so it just made sense, but the butterfly sensation in my stomach is still here.

Let me give you a small background on why I made this decision:

First, I celebrated my 40th birthday. I may not look 40 but I sure do feel it. Haha

Second, part of this celebration was the moment of reflection my husband and I always promote. My mom was in town that month, so I also had time to have a kind talk with her. We talked about what we learned in the past year; what we would do and what we need to stop doing right now. I set new goals for myself and reviewed the past in order to walk bravely into my future.

That’s a refreshing moment, because we are often so involved in our family affairs that we forget to take care of ourselves. If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy right? 

In this moment of reflection, I saw myself sad at going to work for a few months, maybe years. I had a very stressful year that made me sick. I would not grow in the company, and any opportunity for moving up was capped by management. It is their prerogative, but it was also mine. And it made sense to resume control of my own life. We work to live and working takes most of our time, but if this purpose is lost, it is more than time to reroute.

Third, imagine that the perfect job is available for you, with all novelty it involves… a company that promotes self-knowledge, and opens the doors to learning and daring greatly. It sounds dreamy right? It is. Better hours, better benefits, and a great cause.

So, I said thank you to my old workplace and left. I cried for one day and embraced the new journey.

My new job demands that I know and live in my strengths. This was a new concept for me, as all the jobs I had before focused on fixing the weaknesses. Does this make a difference? Yes! It’s a 180-degree shift. I am now invited to look at what I do better, and I have a team that shows me the way.

I would love you to do the same.

Have you heard of StrengthsFinder?

The premise is that we all have strengths (34 of them, according to this assessment). We all have all of them in different, unique order. This order reflects who you are, and it helps you to improve your self-awareness and performance. Imagine that now you have an empowered way to explain who you are and why you do what you do. Add to this list being unapologetically you. Emotional intelligence highly developed by being vulnerable and understanding of who you are. Now, think of the powerhouse you have in your office or your family (or both!) when we are all learning how to communicate through our strengths! 

Here is the test I am talking about: Gallup Strength Center

It is not a free test, but oh so worth it!

(Note: There are a couple of free versions out there that are less comprehensive in their analysis but still give you top 5 strengths – for example High 5 Test

And I am not going to lie, I was so overwhelmed by the results! It was like in the Nightmare Before Christmas movie scene when you have all these doors in front of you all open at the same time!

If you know me, this will not surprise you. My 5 first and stronger strengths are:

  • Developer
  • Learner
  • Relator
  • Strategic
  • Discipline

I dare to say I love myself more because I know who I am. If you are religious, you probably know that you are a son or daughter of God and that reveals the divine potential we all have inside, but we must work to calm the voices inside (and stop that social media vicious cycle outside) to be able to really hear it.

My husband accepted the invitation. His 5 first strengths are: Discipline, Context, Consistency, Maximizer and Responsibility. (We are the perfect couple, haha!)

Share your strengths with me when we meet next time. I am excited to know!

Live in your strengths!

See you next time!

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One thought on “Living In Your Strengths

  1. I have made some pretty big leaps of faith in my career, and I’ve been blessed to see them turn out for the best. I am so happy for you, and have faith that YOUR leaps will lead to amazing things as well. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story and the Strengths Finder tip! 🙂