Lemonade Day This Saturday!

This Saturday is Lemonade Day! 2019 is the fifth year that Lemonade Day has come to Wichita Falls and the second year I have been apart of it through TCCU‘s sponsorship of the program. I am so excited for tomorrow! I cannot wait to see the lemonade stands all over town and see all the kids hard work pay off.

What is Lemonade Day?

To sum up all the amazing things Lemonade Day offers: Lemonade Day is basically an educational (and fun!) program that parents can do with their kids. Lemonade Day teaches them financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills. Each student learns how to spend, save, and share; to spend some money on themselves, save some money for the future and to share some money with a non-profit of their choice. Anyone who signs up for Lemonade Day receives a free t-shirt, a free mentor booklet and a free student workbook.  The program is 4 weeks long with 30 minutes sessions each week. Each week the child learns more skills, and makes progress to getting their lemonade stand ready for the big day!

Not only do parents sign up with their kids but also local teachers going through the program with their students. After school programs, like the YMCA and Boys and Girls Club, join in the on the fun as well!

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How Can You Participate?

This Saturday, April 27, Lemonade Day will be taking over the town. Over 300 local kids will host stands on the big day! To support Lemonade Day visit as many stand as you can to support and encourage our young entrepreneurs. Each entrepreneur has worked very hard on their stands and would be so excited for you to come to try their lemonade! Who knows, you might have meet the next Steve Jobs!

To find out stand locations you can reference this map or check out the map on our website.


Next year you can sign up your own kids! You can sign up by checking out lemonadeday.org/wichita-falls to see when Lemonade Day will be coming back next year or check out our facebook page.

If you are a business owner, let us know! We would love to share the information with our lemonade day participants that you would like to host a stand outside of your business.

Though Lemonade Day supplies everything the kids need to be an entrepreneur, the kids are what make the biggest difference in Wichita Falls. Though it is impossible to hear every story and to see the impact on each individual child, we have already seen such a tremendous change within our community.

We have kids raising money for people in need, help out other organizations locally and even raise money for their own school. Each kids brings such a special skill and attitude for their group and we love seeing every bit of it on Lemonade Day. We cannot wait to see how these entrepreneurs change the world we just know that they will.

So come out April 27 to make your own impact on these kid’s lives.


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