Lemonade Day is Back: Kickoff Party March 5!

Pictured: Teddy in 2018, already ready to BE THE BOSS! 😉

I’m very excited to share that Lemonade Day Wichita Falls is coming back for its SIXTH year, and it’s my third year to be involved in an official capacity!

(To be specific, my employer, Texoma Community Credit Union, became the title sponsor in 2018, and me and my marketing assistant Leah are also donating our time and marketing expertise to this amazing nonprofit!)

What is Lemonade Day and Why Should You Care?

Lemonade Day is a fun, experiential program that teaches kids how to start, own and operate their very own business: a lemonade stand. Lemonade Day’s program builds self-reliance and financial literacy, and introduces important business and entrepreneurial skills. Children experience a new level of confidence and see possibilities for their future – as leaders, volunteers, and forward-thinking citizens.

Lemonade Day is a nonprofit but it is NOT a fundraiser. Young entrepreneurs who start a stand KEEP the profits they earn. The purpose is educational. (And fun!) Anyone can join, and there is no participation fee.

Special Note: The program works best students in third grade and above, but can be adjusted to any age. (Lessons on planning the stand may have to be modified accordingly.) My son turned 4 in November and is still a little young, but I can’t wait until he’s older so he can participate too!

How do you get involved?

  • Register for free at LemonadeDay.org/Wichita-Falls
  • Stop by our Kickoff Party (details below) or the SBDC at MSU to pick up your materials
  • Work through your booklet and prepare to host a stand on Saturday, May 2, 2020!

Important Dates

Kickoff Party – Thursday, March 5 (come and go, 5-7 pm)

Facebook Event For Full Details

If you are new to Lemonade Day – this is the perfect opportunity to come and ask the experts any questions you have!

If you are participating (and already registered online!)- this is the perfect opportunity to pick up your free participant shirts and workbooks for entrepreneurs and mentors!

The event is come and go, and there will be lots of snacks, fun games, and Lemon-themed free giveaways! Come, bring your young entrepreneurs and the entire family, and join us for a night of fun as we kickoff lemonade season!

Lemonade Day and Wrap-Up Party – Saturday, May 2

Facebook Event for Full Details

Lemonade stands will be spread across the city on Saturday, May 2, until 4 pm when we welcome all entrepreneurs and their families to a big party in their honor at the Downtown Wichita Falls Farmer’s Market. We will have food, activities, and special awards celebrating the top stands. This is a celebration that is not to be missed!



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