Kids’ Magnet Board On The Cheap

I am SO proud of this parenting hack, but sadly I can’t take credit, because it was my husband’s idea.

This past weekend we broke out all our alphabet fridge magnets, and Teddy went nuts. The problem was that the kitchen is an off-limits zone that we’ve gated rather than baby/toddler-proofing, so we really don’t want him in there playing. He really needed to be in the living room with us, away from sharp objects.

So we looked at a couple of stores and any magnetic dry erase boards we found were kind of expensive. And I hate spending the money on something he may or may not lose interest in within, oh, 48 hours.

Solution: A large oil drip pan from Walmart for $7.74 + some velcro command strips to mount it on the wall and we were in BUSINESS!

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