Trolls is Everything. (Oh, Snap!)

Pretty much the second I posted about Teddy’s obsession with Elmo, his interests swayed almost completely towards the movie Trolls.

I’m pretty sure there’s a first-time-mom lesson in this NOT to buy a whole bunch of themed toys and clothes whenever your kid is interested in something. All 17,000 Elmo objects in our house have become passé, and yet I still purchased a 22 inch-tall Branch doll.

(Granted, the giant Branch was purchased mostly out of guilt after one of our dachshunds – STILL not sure which one – decided to taste true happiness and chewed off 3 of old, smaller Branch’s appendages.)

So my new question – ideas for a more masculine Trolls themed second birthday? Because I’ve been perusing Pinterest, and the ideas are 90% girly.

Ready, set, help!?!?

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