Introducing Our Newest Guest Blogger: Erica Easter-Arevalo

Hello, my name is Erica Easter-Arevalo, I am a mommy and a new grandma!  My son is 26 and a graduate of MSU and so is his lovely wife. My granddaughter is seven months. My daughter is seven years old. (Yes! Big age gap!) I am married to David Arevalo, for 10 beautiful years. I am a glam ma, and I love art, museums, history, family, friends, faith, and food!  We are a traveling family, and love great adventures!

My wonderful family!

In my professional life, I am an Early Childhood Development educator (birth through school age), a member of the National Association of the Education of Young Children, and the National Black Child Institute.  I am a Professional Development trainer in the field of Early Childhood Education and a trainer for NAEYC. I am also a former Chairperson for BBA Monitoring, which helps with court-appointed parent/child supervised visits in a safe, healthy environment.

I am an educator with 25 years of experience, and a parent that is still learning! (Like all of us!)

Topics you can expect from me:

  • Thoughts from an Educator
  • Parents with children with long age gaps
  • On the road (I love to travel)
  • Fun Parent/ Child Activities

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