Inexpensive Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas

Let’s talk tablescapes.

Yes, I used the word tablescapes. (Anyone else used to watch that show Semi-Homemade with Sandra Lee? She was a character, for sure, but she had some good ideas!)

Anywho. I am not a fancy person. I don’t set tables properly and I have a “make yourself at home” philosophy to entertaining that involves everyone getting their own drinks and snacks out of the fridge, and a thrown-together self-serve buffet dinner.

However, I like to decorate and there are a couple of cheap things I’ve done to help spruce it up around Thanksgiving.

Exhibit A: Use the large metal cans you used to make the thanksgiving food as vases for some cheap Fall flower arrangements. I think this turned out super cute:

Exhibits B, C, and D: Scour the vintage shops for cheap decorations and even some Fall-themed mismatched plates and serving ware. I picked up these two adorable glass turkeys for $8 each at Alley Cat and the turkey serving plate for $12 – which was MUCH cheaper than all the new serving plates I’d been looking at (and nicer than the giant plastic one I’ve been using).

Other Ideas:

Buy a cheap roll of brown craft paper (there are lots of uses for the leftover paper!) and create a custom table runner. It’s pretty, but still gives the “it’s okay to spill” vibe I love.

source: house of harper

source: pinterest

source: modern parents messy kids

DIY place card holders with upcycled materials:

source for both:


Want more ideas? Check out my Thanksgiving Pinterest board here.

Happy Turkey Day!!

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