I’m a 37 Year-Old With a Chore Chart… For Myself

Have you seen the posts on Facebook with the women wrapped up like newborn babies and then it says something like “6,546 weeks today”? (Like the one above.)

This is the feeling I have when I admit to myself that I require a chore chart to keep my house clean. Am I an adult or am I a child? Am I just an adult-sized child? When it comes to house cleaning, it feels that way.

I make sure to add the kids chores to it too so that I feel like it’s more for them than it is for me, or that I am just trying to teach them good habits, but, in all reality, if I don’t tell myself to scrub the potty each week then it won’t happen. The fan blades could spin for months before I think to dust them and doors would only be wiped down if a sticky hand print was left on it.

However, I am an incredibly neat person. I am practically the Marie Kondo of the South.

My closet looks more like an upscale NYC Boutique than yours does. I have minimized and organized and everything has its place and looks purposeful. I just don’t dust my baseboards or disinfect my doorknobs and light switches as often as I should.

Here is my Obscure Chore List with chores marked with what the kids can do too:

1. Living Room Baseboards – Kids
2. Light Switches & Door Handles – kids
3. Dust all light fixtures
4. Living Area blinds
5. Wipe down Living Area Walls
6. Clean Washer & Dryer
7. Wipe down air vent slats – kids
8. Shower Tiles
9. Tub & Door
10. All interior doors
11. All Exterior Doors
12. Bathroom Counters, Mirror, Sinks, etc.. – kids
13. Ceiling Fan Blades
14. Bedroom Baseboards – kids
15. Bedroom Blinds
16. Dust Bedroom Furniture – Big Kid
17. Dust Living Area Furniture – Big Kid
18. Wipe down in & outside of fridge
19. Clean inside & Out of Microwave
20. Range and Hood – Big Kid
21. Stove grates
22. Kitchen sink & disposal
23. Toilets – Big Kid
24. Kitchen Cabinet Doors – Kids
25. Pantry declutter
26. Inside/Outside of Kitchen trash cans – Big Kid
27. Dining room Chairs – Kids
28. Couch & Cushions
29. TV Cabinet & Coffee Tables – Kids
30. Corners and crown moldings

I used to have this on a perpetual calendar so that every day was a new chore to be done, but then if I missed one then it would be a month before I caught up or I would pile a bunch on a Saturday and then if that day got away from me… You see the trend?

Now I just have the chores listed, check off style, and every day I choose a chore and check it off. The kids get to choose their chore daily as well and my house stays semi-clean more often than it used to!

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