Iced Coffee BOGOS Happening TODAY!

Grab a friend, hit the road, and enjoy some BOGO on my favorite drug. (MmmmmCaffeine….) Because this afternoon, the corner of Kemp and Kell is the Place. To. BE:

As a footnote to this post, I feel like I need to say that in the world of budgeting, “fancy” coffee drinks and “froo-froo shmappachinos” as my dad calls them, get a bad rap.

Yes, it costs me almost the same as a one-pound bag of coffee grounds for one medium-sized espresso-based specialty beverage. But sometimes that shmappachino with an extra shot is the only thing standing between me and exhausted insane mom. (Amen!)

So although every single budgeting article ever will tell you to eliminate them, I offer an alternative point of view. If this is your one thing you decide to treat yourself with, do it.

The catch? YOU MUST PUT IT IN THE BUDGET. Like yesterday. Decide how much a month or a week you will spend on this relative luxury, and cap it. No cheating.

I don’t get manicures or pedicures anymore (who has the time anyway?) so I figured I could indulge a little on the caffeine end – to the benefit of everyone around me.

So I recently downloaded the Starbucks app that lets you order in advance for pick up and pay by scanning a bar code. While I see its perils, and the lure of trying to reach “gold” status for more rewards, it CAN actually work for your budget instead of against it. You have to preload money before you can purchase anything, so all you have to do is decide your spending cap for the month, and know that once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Have a favorite local coffee shop instead? (Cough Frank & Joes cough.) Buy gift cards. Label them “March” and “April.” Less technical, but it achieves the same goal.

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